Cocco Digital Gap™ Ambassador DLC Trimmer Blade

Cocco SKU: COC14214
Cocco  Digital Gap™ Ambassador DLC Trimmer Blade

Cocco Digital Gap™ Ambassador DLC Trimmer Blade

Cocco SKU: COC14214
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Cocco Digital Gap Ambassador DLC Trimmer Blade (ADGT-DLC)

All-new core technology makes this blade the best! Digital Gap™ is a proprietary technology from Cocco Hair Pro that improves and replaces the existing zero gap technology.

The DLC Blade is the most advanced blade on the market, available only from Cocco. Made from one of the hardest substances on earth, this blade’s DLC coating allows for lower coefficient of friction and lower blade temperatures. The blade includes an oil reservoir to keep the blade cooler.

DLC Trimmer Blades offer micro-calibrated Digital Gap™ technology for close trimming. This blade is precisely calibrated to stay sharper longer and have a longer life. The DLC blade allows for unparalleled performance in comfort and reliability. Suitable for a variety of hair textures and skin types. 80 Rockwell Hardness to keep its edge longer.

This new design and blade technology allow the blade to cut consistently on both ends of the blade Without snagging the hair or bruising the skin. The Ambassador DLC Trimmer blade does not have to be set or adjusted It operates perfectly out of the packaging.


  • Sharp Intense distinction
  • Unique blade teeth geometry 
  • Digital gap benefits
  • Extreme comfort 
  • Does not snag the skin or pores 
  • Much quieter blade
  • Longer blade life span
  • Better power and performance 
  • Low coefficient of friction 
  • retains its sharpness longer
  • Less heat / stays exceptionally cooler
  • Improved steel durable
  • 80 Rockwell hardness

Made for the:

  • Hyper Veloce Pro Trimmer
  • Veloce Pro Trimmer
  • All Metal BLDC Trimmers

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